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Call 2012 fashion trends for teens heading back to school

Call 2012 fashion trends for teens heading back to school

Teens use clothing and accessories as a means of expressing individuality. New fashion trends are literally at their fingertips; a click on a phone or computer lets teens know what their favorite celebrities s are wearing, which styles are debuting in Milan and what's happening right here in Los Angeles.
Adults often don’t realize what painstaking effort a teen has made to create a look as the teens all appear to look the same to adults. This is common teenage behavior as teens try on different looks, seeking individuality while at the same time, not venturing far from what is socially acceptable within their high school or college crowd.
This fall, jeans will remain a large staple of the back to school wardrobe. New to the scene will be resin-coated jeans in a rainbow of colors. Skinny, bell-bottom and classic jeans will still abound, but fit teens will gravitate to the new resin coated jeans that tend to shimmer and shine as they cling tightly to the wearer’s body.
Colors tend to be bright and often, jewel toned. Neon colors remain popular, including tangerine, bright blues, pink and purple. Prints and plaids will be popular as well, with boys opting for quilted plaid shirts and outerwear jackets, and girls selecting modern camouflage prints on tie dyed cotton shirts.
Loungewear as every day wear is being promoted by some stores popular with teens (Gap, Old Navy, Aeropostale, A&F) and some school administrators will likely be dealing with some “is this really appropriate for school?” issues.
Neon sneakers, ballet flats in shiny colors or leopard prints, chunky platform shoes and boots will be popular footwear for girls. Teen boys will be seen wearing skateboarder shoes, canvas sneakers, and hiking or leather boots.
Tribal backpacks will be part of the fall back to school accessory trend, as will bold plaids and tartans. Coats, scarves, shawls, bags and shoes will all appear in bright bold plaids and tartans. Chunky jewelry and stacked bracelets and big sunglasses complete the stylish back to school fashion statement.
Savvy parents would be wise to wait to do all of the teen back to school shopping until their teen has had an opportunity to scout out his or her peers and decides exactly how they might want to reinvent their individual style for the new school year.

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